Ogi (Japanese Fan) 3D Case

Ogi (Japanese Fan) 3D Case

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This is the tenth installment in a series we're calling Origins. It of course has nothing to do with the X-Men comic series.

This design was inspired from the japanese fan called the Ogi. Throughout Japan's history, both the Japanese folding fan and the Japanese hand fan have played significant roles in society and ceremonial traditions. The importance of the Japanese fan far exceeded its ability to keep people cool. It was used in an extensive range of social and court activities. The Japanese fan was also used in the military, as a way of sending signals on the field of battle. In the arts, Japanese hand fans were vital to the success of dance, the theatre and even in sumo wrestling, where the referee controls the contestants using a type of Japanese folding fan called "gumpai uchiwa", which means "military fan". Kabuki actors used Japanese hand fans in mass as well.

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