Zebra Stripes Pattern 3D Case

Zebra Stripes Pattern 3D Case

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This is the fifth installment in a series we're calling La Fábrica which constitutes a variety of opulent and elegant textile patterns.

This design pattern constitutes abstract Zebra Stripes. Whether you think zebra stripes are black or white, you can't deny they make a fashion statement.

Even if you aren't an equine specialist, you can easily spot a zebra from its telltale black-and-white color scheme. But which is it: black on white or white on black?

If you research this answer, you'll quickly discover many conflicting perspectives. But Lisa Smith, Curator of Large Mammals at Zoo Atlanta, reports that the coat is "often described as black with white stripes." This makes sense since the pattern is a result of pigment activation (black) and inhibition(white). That means black is the actual color of the fur, and the white patches are simply the areas that lack pigmentation. To top it off, most zebras have dark skin beneath their fur.

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